What Are Some Good Plants for Attracting Honey Bees?


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Good plants for attracting honeybees include common yarrow, pale purple coneflowers, sunflowers and goldenrods. Honeybees love the miniature daisy flowers that the common yarrow produces. Bees enjoy the pale purple coneflower blooms, and finches like the seeds these plants produce. Varieties of sunflowers are classic favorites of honeybees because of the large and colorful blooms they produce each summer. The late summer blooms of goldenrods enable bees to produce a distinctive flavor of honey.

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Common yarrow is a perennial that grows naturally in North America and blooms in the early summer. Garden varieties that attract honeybees are plentiful, including Wonderful Wampee, with pink blooms that become almost white, and Strawberry Seduction, which features vibrant red blooms.

Producing fine, drooping petals, pale purple coneflowers provide food for honeybees and butterflies. For a few weeks during June and July, the perennial native flowers bloom across the savannas and grasslands of the Eastern United States.

Sunflowers are available in hundreds of varieties, which produce bright orange, red, yellow and gold blooms each summer. Good garden choices include the traditional Big Smile, which grows up to 2 feet tall and produces the familiar black-centered golden flowers, and Little Becka, which produces brown and gold blooms on stems up to 4 feet tall. People and birds enjoy the seeds these popular flowers produce.

Blooms from goldenrods feed honeybees and birds in the late summer and fall. Garden-friendly varieties of the perennial plant include Baby Gold and Golden Fleece dwarf plants.

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