What are some good places to buy Purina deer feed?


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Customers can buy Purina Mills deer feed from online retailers such as Tractor Supply Company and Lumber 2 Home and Ranch. These websites can ship straight to a customer's home address. Purchases can also be made in person at stores that carry Purina Mills products. Customers can find a store using the retail locator on the Purina Mills website at Purinamills.com/animal-feed-stores. After an address is typed in, it displays local stores that carry Purina Mills products.

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If a local farm or animal feed store is a Purina Mills dealer but does not have deer feed in stock, they can place a special order that will arrive with their next delivery of Purina products. Stores can become Purina Mills dealers by contacting the corporate office at (800) 227-8941 or by signing up on the Purina Mills website.

Purina Mills is an animal feed producer and distributor. It is a member of Land O'Lakes, Inc., an agricultural cooperative. Purina Mills offers a variety of wildlife feeds and supplements with different kinds of deer feed available for purchase. The different feeds are specially designed for specific nutritional outcomes such as antler growth, nutritional balance and edibility by herbivores. Purina Mills deer feed comes with instructions for how to feed bucks, does and fawns.

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