What Are Some Good Options to Finance Pet Care?

What Are Some Good Options to Finance Pet Care?

Some good options for financing pet care include pet health insurance, Care Credit cards, negotiating payments and services with vets and earning extra cash on the side. Pet owners can also explore financial aid options for pet care.

There are several pet care options available for pet owners who cannot afford veterinary services. Pet health insurance is a good choice, as it can help cover the costs of future health problems; however, pet owners must plan in advance in order to take advantage of this option.

Care Credit cards are credit cards that help take care of healthcare costs for both people and pets. Owners can also use regular credit cards to pay for pet care costs.

Many vets are flexible when it comes to payment terms, especially for regular clients in good standing. Pet owners can work out options such as payment plans or helping out at the office in exchange for part of the cost.

Owners who need to raise cash quickly to pay for pet costs can make some extra money by selling belongings on eBay, having a yard sale or by getting a part-time or temporary job. They can also ask their bosses if a salary advance is an option.

Financial aid programs for pet owners include RedRover and IMOM. Some programs operate nationwide, whereas others operate locally or statewide. Pet owners can find a list of available aid programs on the Humane Society website.