What Are Some Good Names for St. Bernard Puppies?

Good names for a St. Bernard include names that refer to their large size, like Attila, Bear or Tank. St. Bernards originate from the Alps in France, Italy and Switzerland, so names from those languages are also good, such as Abramo, Cinzia, Bastien and Florian.

A St. Bernard can weigh anywhere between 140 and 264 pounds. They were bred as hunting dogs, watchdogs, rescue dogs and herding dogs. After many were lost in avalanches during rescues, the remnants of the breed were cross-bred with Newfoundlands to keep them from dwindling away; thus, the St. Bernard of 2014 doesn't match paintings and drawings of the breed that predate 1816. The breed's thick coats are typically red-mahogany and white, with darker shades on the face. That coloration can suggest some appropriate names; Henna, Sienna, Phoenix and Shani all reference a red color.

Barry was the name of the St. Bernard in 1707 who saved between 40 and 100 lives at the Great St. Bernard Pass in Switzerland, the third highest pass in that country. There is a monument to Barry in a pet cemetery in France called Cimetière des Chiens, and Barry himself is preserved at the Natural History Museum in Bern. Barry is therefore a popular name for St. Bernards, and variations on the name Barry include Bareth, Barra, Barrath, Barenth, Barold, Bearrach and Finbarr.