What Are Some Good Names for a Shih Tzu?


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Popular names for shih tzus include Munchkin, Coco, Teddy, Yoshi and Biscuit, according to MiracleShihTzu.com. Shih tzu names are usually short and playful to emphasize the small stature and outgoing personality of the breed.

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What Are Some Good Names for a Shih Tzu?
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There is no limit to the amount of potential names for shih tzus, so pet owners should exercise creativity when naming a dog of this breed. Owners frequently choose names for shih tzus that match the color of their fur, such as Brownie or Midnight, or their small size, such as Peanut or Speck. A name such as Sassy or Sweetheart can also match a shih tzu's temperature. A few names stem from the shih tzu's royal Chinese ancestry, such as Mei Ling or Suki.

When naming a shih tzu, it is a good idea to keep the name short. Dogs tend to recognize the first syllable of their names most clearly, so using a long vowel-sound for the first syllable can help the shih tzu understand it. Owners should avoid using a name that sounds like a command. For instance, the name Bo sounds similar to the word "no," which could confuse the dog. In addition, owners should avoid names that resemble those of other household members.

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