What Are Some Good Names for Pets?


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Some popular names for cats include Misty, Samantha, Simba, Charlie and Oliver. Some popular dog names are Max, Buddy, Jake, Ginger and Maggie. People choose pet names according to broad criteria such as gender, species and language, and also consider categories such as Disney characters and celebrity names.

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Dog owners choose a name for their pet by considering the dog's personality and appearance. However, as of 2015, human names are becoming more popular because people increasingly think of their pets as family members. Good names for dogs are short, because long and awkward names confuse them, as do names that rhyme with standard commands, such as Joe. People avoid choosing names that specifically reflect a puppy's character, because that often changes as they grow up. Dogs learn to respond to a good name, but if it's mostly used when correcting their behavior, they may soon ignore it.

Good cat names reflect the fact that cats are more mysterious and willful than dogs. While human names grow more popular for dogs, cat owners still choose names that recognize a cat's independent nature. More so than dog owners, cat owners may choose to consider their cat's breed when picking a name, so a good name for a Siamese cat might be Pisho or Babri. Good cat names sometimes come from movies or the arts, such as Buffy, Casper and Beowulf.

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