What Are Some Good Names for Orange Cats?


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Tigger, Pumpkin, Tic Tac, Cantaloupe or Gila all work well as cat names and highlight its orange fur. Tigger, based off the "Winnie the Pooh" character named after the orange tiger, matches well for a family house pet. Other good names for an orange cat include orange household items like Pumpkin or Tic Tac. More feminine, savory names include Peach, Ginger or Apricot. Carrot or Papaya are quirkier options. For a longer food inspired name, Sweet Potato or Cantaloupe work.

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More inspiration from nature involves looking at orange flower names. Poppy, Lily, Lantana and Marigold are all orange flowers that work well as pet names.

A few names based off the orange, yellow sun also work well. For example, Dawn, Sunset or Sunny all bring the sun to mind. Taking the word sun and translating it into different languages also works for pet name. In various other languages, the word sun becomes Sol, Zon, Slunce or Aurinko.

Lastly, the pet could be named after other orange animals found in nature. Bongos, Cock-of-the-Rock, Capuchin, or Canid are names derived from their orange counterparts. Nemo or Clown take inspiration from the Pixar film "Finding Nemo," which stars a bright orange clown fish. Gila monsters are also orange, so naming the cat "Gila" is an available option.

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