What Are Some Good Names for a New Female Pet?


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According to PetMD, some good names for female pets include Stella, Bella, Coco and Molly. Some of these names are popular because of their underlying meanings.

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PetMD explains the meaning behind some of these popular names for female pets. The name Stella is derived from the Latin word for "star." If a pet has star qualities, then this may be a good name for her. It was also the name of a female character from the play "A Streetcar Named Desire."

The name Bella is short for Isabella, and it is also the Italian word for "beautiful." If a puppy, kitten or other pet is easy on the eyes, then this might be a good name. Coco was the nickname of the famous French designer Coco Chanel, so if a pet is a diva, this name might be a good choice. Coco is also derived from the word cocoa, which means chocolate, making it a good name for a pet with richly-colored brown fur.

The name Molly is a nickname for the name Mary. Pet owners love this name because it evokes the spirit of a plucky woman such as "the Unsinkable Molly Brown." Molly might be a good name for a pet who has shown courage in the face of difficulties, such as a rescue dog.

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