What Are Some Good Names for Male Pitbull Puppies?

good-names-male-pitbull-puppies Credit: Sheila Sund/CC-BY 2.0

Good names for male pitbull puppies include Bandit, Duke, Taz, Aries and Marley. Owners often choose the dog's name based on his looks or personality.

The name Bandit works well for a pitbull who enjoys causing trouble when bored. Other similar names include Bad Boy and Bandito.

Duke is a masculine name, and it was the nickname for John Wayne. Wayne received the nickname as a child growing up in Glendale, California, because he had a dog named Duke. The two were together so often that people called them "Big Duke" and "Little Duke."

Taz is the nickname of the Tasmanian Devil character featured in "Looney Toons." The character is known for his short temper, spinning ability and endless appetite. Taz had his own show, "Taz-Mania," and appeared in several other popular shows and movies.

The name Aries comes from Greek mythology, where the character is the god of war. Aries is also the first sign of the Zodiac, so typical personality traits for a pitbull with the name Aries might include leadership, impulsiveness and fearlessness.

Marley comes from the reggae singer, Bob Marley. Although his music was rebellious, he was also calm, making this name a good choice for either rebellious or relaxed pitbulls.