What Are Some Good Names for Male Kittens?


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Simba, Charlie, Tom and Coconut are all good names to choose for a male kitten. Many people choose kitten names based on the arts, inanimate objects, food, nature or popular baby names.

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Rover.com presents a list of the most popular cats names and offers a thorough breakdown of cat names and their varying inspirations. Charlie was deemed the top male cat name, as of April 2015. The website notes the most unique names, with interesting choices such as Sir Puffin Pants Groucho Meowx and Mr. Cow. Rover.com notes other cat names not in the Top 10, which are derived from film and food. Shrek, Yoda and Brulee are some male kitten names not in the Top Ten.

Other sites offer possible names for male kittens. PetMd.com, as of December 2015, states Toby, Mikesch, Oliver, Leo and Milo as their five most popular names for male cats. Its list includes photos of cats with these names and the meanings. CatNamesList.com is an entire site devoted to the naming of cats. The names are divided by gender, as well as by color and breed.

Some good choices for white male kittens, according to this site are Zero, Winter and Popcorn. Better Homes and Gardens has a list of 50 names for male cats. Its list isn't organized by popularity, but may spark some more creative and less mainstream ideas to name a male kitten. Some names included in its list are Atlas, Chester, Houdini and Rex.

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