What Are Some Good Names for a Male Great Dane?

good-names-male-great-dane Credit: Jay Iwasaki/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

A dog's name often tries to capture its physical stature, appearance, personality or a combination of these characteristics. With these considerations in mind, Great Danes usually receive strong, established names that reflect their large size and calm demeanor. Buck, Dusty, Duncan, Thor, Hamlet and Adrian are examples of names that are good fits for male Great Danes.

The Great Dane is a highly respected dog breed known for its imposing size and calm, almost reserved character. Intelligent and very responsive to training, the breed is among the largest of breeds but differs from its big counterparts in its general grace and demeanor. Formally used for hunting, the breed is now chosen primarily for companionship and competition.

The Great Dane's size belies its elegant stride and agile movements which make it stand out in dog shows. Its smooth coat comes in a variety of colors and patterns, which adds to its appeal as a show dog. The Great Dane's calmness makes it a popular choice for families with children, while its size and formidable appearance make it a good choice as a watch dog as well. Often described as regal, Great Danes frequently receive traditional royal names such as George, Henry, Louis and Edward.