What Are Good Names for a Male Golden Retriever?


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Bailey, Max, Biscuit, Oliver and Cody are good names for male golden retrievers. Given the dog's demeanor, golden retrievers owners tend to give their dogs friendly, gentle-sounding names. Other names, such as Blondie or Goldie, are clear nods to the breed's identifying coat color.

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What Are Good Names for a Male Golden Retriever?
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A name often reflects a dog's personality and looks. Golden retrievers have a trusting, gentle nature; and are also considered to be among the calmest and friendliest breeds. Their intelligence is another trait that sets them apart. All these qualities can influence the selection of the dog's name. For example, an owner looking to emphasize the retriever's friendly nature might simply call the dog Buddy. A different owner hoping to highlight the breed's gentleness might choose a soft name, like Aspen, Gus or Sammy. Owners wishing to honor the dog's intelligence can choose from wise names, such as Sage, Plato, Ace or David.

Golden retrievers have had several star turns in popular movies. "Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey" featured a wise retriever named Shadow leading a younger dog and a cat across the country to find the trio's owners. "Air Bud" starred a golden retriever as a stray dog with unexpected basketball talents. Fans of these movies might choose these names for their dogs as an homage to these films.

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