What Are Some Good Names for Male Cats?


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Good names for male cats include Archie, Crookshanks, Gatsby, Max and Monet. Owners often base cat names off of family members, former pets, popular baby names or a feature of the cat.

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What Are Some Good Names for Male Cats?
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Archie is the short version of Archibald. This name's royal associations make it a good choice for cats that have a regal disposition. Crookshanks is an option for fans of the "Harry Potter" series, where the name originated.

Gatsby comes from the last name of the title character in "The Great Gatsby." Since Jay Gatsby was known for his social persona, this name works well for social cats. Another option based on this name is Catsby.

Max is a strong name, and one of the most popular choices for male cats in the United States. Monet is based on Claude Monet, a painter who frequently drew cats.

Cats tend to respond to shorter names, around one or two syllables, more than longer names. For longer names, the owner can use a shorter version when calling the cat. Cats also hear names with a long-e vowel more easily than names without that sound.

Cat features that can inspire a name include fur color and personality. For example, the name Casper, based on the ghost, could be given to a cat with white fur.

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