What Are Some Good Names for a Kitten?

good-names-kitten Credit: GK Hart/Vikki Hart/Taxi/Getty Images

Good names for a kitten include cute names, such as Angel, Mittens or Snuggles; famous names like Shakespeare, Sacajewea, Einstein or Cleopatra; and comical names, such as Dave Meowthews, Bill Clawsby or Pico de Gato. Pairing a kitten with its perfect name is a very personal choice.

Good names for kittens can be humorous, represent a historical figure or event, refer to pop culture characters, indicate the kitten's personality attributes, signify a physical feature or breed of the kitten, or symbolize personal hobbies and interests of the owner.

Good kitten names can range from traditional nomenclature to wildly unusual. For example, good traditional names for a grey kitten could be Smoky, Shadow or Moonlight. On the other hand, an eccentric name for a grey kitten might be Aluminum or Early Grey. According to data trends at VetStreet, the most popular kitten names in 2014 for both males and females were: Oliver and Bella, Milo and Luna, Leo and Lucy, Charlie and Kitty, Max and Elsa, Simba and Daisy, Tiger and Lily, Smokey and Callie, Jack and Lilly, and finally, Kitty and Gracie.

On PetMD, breeds like the Siberian Forest Cat, the Russian Blue and the Egyptian Mau often receive exotic names, including Nikita, Xena and Cleo. Names like Coco, Princess, Minnie and Baby are more popular in breeds similar to the American Bobtail and the Chantilly.