What Are Some Good Names for Horses?


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For a good horse name, use a physical characteristic of the horse, such as Star, Blaze or Legs, or name it after a Greek god such as Zeus or Athena. Alternatively, use a descriptive name like Patience, Thunder or Champion, or choose a fictional character's name, such as Rambo.

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What Are Some Good Names for Horses?
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There are many ways to choose a "stable" name, according to About.com. There are also official "registered" names for horses, which have varying rules. For example, thoroughbreds have many restrictions on naming. The chosen name must work well for communicating with the horse, so long, fancy names don't work as well as something simple and of limited syllables.

Other ideas for sources of horse names are names from a foreign language, such as Abdul or Isabella, or famous horse names such as Seabiscuit or Pharoah, or fictional ones like Pegasus or Xanthos. Favorite places or items make good names, such as Porsche, Gorgeous, Princess, Kale or Red. An owner can also use his imagination and make a new word for the horse, by choosing any six letters, then using them to create a word. Some owners choose from a favorite movie, television or music star, christening their horses with names such as Johnny Depp, Marilyn Monroe or Channing Tatum.

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