What Are Some Good Names for Hamsters?


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Some good unisex names for hamsters are Hammy, Fluffy and Teddy. Good names specifically for female hamsters include Hazel and Daisy. Choosing a good name for a hamster usually depends upon its species or gender.

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What Are Some Good Names for Hamsters?
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Hammy is a good name for a hamster of any type and either gender. It's a cute name for a hamster owner of any age to give her pet and is especially fitting, since "ham" appears in the first parts of both "Hammy" and "hamster."

Teddy is a great name for a Siberian hamster in particular, as this type of hamster is also known as a teddy bear hamster. Teddy bear hamsters are among the most commonly sold species of pet hamsters in the United States. They make great pets for children, as they are larger and more docile than other types of hamsters, making them easier for kids to hold.

Certain types of hamsters are fluffier than others, so Fluffy would be a good name choice for one of these, though the same name is also popular for larger pets. Dwarf hamsters, as the name suggests, are smaller than other species of hamster and sometimes resemble a ball of fluff, especially when curled up sleeping.

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