What Are Some Good Names for a Gray Kitten?

Some good names for a gray kitten are Ash, Ashes, Ashley, Blue, Blur, Cinder, Cinderella, Dorian Gray, Dusky, Dusty, Earl Grey, Ember, Foggy, Ghost, Gracie, Heather, Mink and Misty. Pebbles, Mouse, Rain, Shadow, Silver Bell, Silver Toes, Slater, Sparkles, Steel and Storm are also popular names for gray cats.

There are many methods to choose from when naming a pet. Naming a kitten based on coloring is a popular tactic. There are many options available that relate to the color gray. The breed of the cat and the owner’s personal creativity may also be used to choose a name.

While this can be an intimidating process, if the owner needs some help, he or she can ask family members and friends to participate in a cat naming contest that results in a name being chosen at random from a hat filled with many good ideas. A person may also consider naming a pet after one of his or her favorite people, places or things. A person’s favorite foods, literary characters, celebrities, historical figures and ancient deities may lead the pet owner to discover the name that he or she prefers. Naming a kitten can happen right away, but it might take some time to decide on the perfect name.