What Are Some Good Names for a Goldendoodle Puppy?

Some good names for a male Goldendoodle puppy include Bailey, Cody, Maximus, Biscuit and Oliver. Names for a female Goldendoodle puppy include Arrow, Avalon, Angel and Bandit.

A Goldendoodle’s name may indicate its breed’s designer status. It can also reflect the dog’s intelligence, calm personality and affectionate nature. Names associated with water are appropriate, since many Goldendoodles are adept swimmers. As with any dog name, it should be one that engages the dog, prompting a quick, obedient response when called. Puppy names should also be short, with only one or two syllables, to ensure that the dog recognizes the name. Names should not rhyme with a dog command or another frequently-used word, such as the name of a member of the household.

Like Golden Retrievers, Goldendoodles are loving and loyal. They get along well with children and therefore make good family pets. Goldendoodles with poodle coats are born with flat fur that later curls as the dogs age. They are less likely to shed than other dogs, and are therefore a good breed for people who suffer from pet allergies. The Continental Kennel Club accepts the pedigree of a Goldendoodle with appropriate paperwork, but many other breed associations do not.