What Are Some Good Names for Fish?

What Are Some Good Names for Fish?

Clever names like Nemo and Poseidon suit any fish friend. Sushi is one of the most popular names due to its ironic yet humorous implications. Names referencing common movies or shows, such as the name Ariel, a clear reference to Disney's The Little Mermaid, seem to be popular as well.

Cruelly funny names such as Bait always seem to get a chuckle out of people and are very popular. Names such as Finley, Jaws, and Guppy are perhaps more clichéd choices, but they are still used with frequency. The references to Disney's Finding Nemo go beyond the title character; some of the most popular fish names today are Dory, Squishy and Bruce.

Other names correlating to various things in the ocean include Anemone, Squid, Coral and Shark. Since fish control the waters of their bowl or fish tank, owners sometimes choose any common human name following the title of Captain. Fish names also coordinate with the type of fish. For example, if one has a fish of the Hypostomus plecostomus species, which is a type of sucker-mouth catfish that sucks algae off their tanks, the owner might name the fish Hoover. This clever reference to a vacuum cleaner is commonly used for sucker-mouth fish.

Fish acquires names on the basis of characteristics as well. Consider names like Sassy, Tranquility or Sissy, with more aggressive names like Buffy or Lioness. The natural demeanor of fish as docile or adorable contributes to names like Rosy, Snow White, Willow and Angel.

Fish also acquire names from gems, such as Crystal, Jewel, Ruby and Pearl. Exotic places with plenty of water also contribute their fair share of names like Madrid, Sydney, Florence and Athena.

Fish can get their names with a gender sensitization and as such creates a closer bond with the pet owner.