What Are Some Good Names for a Female Pomeranian?

Cute names like Koko, Dolly and Bella reflect the small size and animated nature of Pomeranian dogs. Female Pomeranian names range from human-like monikers, such as Abigail or Holly, to more obvious pet names, such as Waffle or Jinx.

Names like Taz, Ruff and Bliss have all been used for female Pomeranian dogs. Since dogs tend to respond to the first syllable of a word, one-syllable names or names with strong first syllables are often useful when training Pomeranian dogs and other dog breeds. Considering the personality of a Pomeranian puppy is another good way to come up with a name for it. Names like Prissy, Duchess or Flash can align with a dog's unique personality.

Using the color and markings of a female Pomeranian dog is another way to find a name. Espresso, Fudge and Onyx are all names that have been used based on a Pomeranian dog's coat or eye color. Markings may inspire names like Stripe, Domino or Panda. Some pet owners name their dogs after favorite television characters, such as Pebbles, Rory or Sabrina. Favorite interests and hobbies are also used for selecting popular Pomeranian dog names, as is the case with names like Cleopatra, Diamond and Tiger Lily.