What Are Some Good Names for Calico Cats?

good-names-calico-cats Credit: Amy/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

Names for calico cats often go with their multiple colors, so names like Dots, Dottie and Patches are appropriate. Names related to the cat's personality also work.

Some calico cat names are related to just one of its colors: Amber, Amaretto, Butterscotch, Ginger, Penny, Spice and Pumpkin. Other names relate to the myriad nature of the cat's coloring: Clash, Confetti, Marble, Mosaic, Motley, Tortie, Dapple, Lichen and Cammi, which is short for Camouflage. Some people name calico cats according to the relationship of the colors. Autumn stands for the fall colors in the coat. The colors of Halloween are orange, black and white, so Hallie is an option. September or October are fall months and make good names. Snickers also works because the candy bar has white nougat, orange caramel and dark chocolate, the colors of a calico.

Some people view their calico cat as a painting, so they give it painter names: Monet, Matisse, Picasso and Vincent Van Gogh. Other names play with the sound of the word calico: Callie, Calypso, Callerina, Kali and Kalique.

Calico cats are known for having big personalities, so names related to character traits are appropriate, according to cat expert Franny Syufy for About.com. These include Sassy, Spunky, Chili and Clash. Calicos are also often sweet-natured, so any sweets name works: Peaches, Reese, Sherbet, Taffy, Candy, Banana and Biscuit.