What Are Some Good Names for Boy Puppies?

good-names-boy-puppies Credit: tys720/Flickr/CC-BY-2.0

The most popular male dog name in 2013 was Max, followed by Buddy, Charlie and Jack, according to Rover.com. Many people prefer human monikers because they consider their pets members of the family. However, there is a wide range of names for male puppies.

The top 10 list in 2013 also included Cooper, Rocky, Toby, Bear, Jake and Buster. Other popular male dog names of 2013 listed on Rover.com are Teddy, Tucker, Duke, Oliver, Bailey and Milo.

Some names, such as Curly and Patches, are chosen for the dog's appearance. Goofy, Speedy, Sweetie and Slobber are handles based on temperament or behavior. Names like Killer and Cuddles reflect owners' personalities. Some people name their dogs after sports heroes, movie stars and other celebrities.

Another option is to choose a unique or funny name. Some examples listed on DogBreedPlus.com are Barfolomew, Barfy, Bongo, Bullseye, Burrito, Chopper, Flearoy, Fuzzbucket, Goofus, Gravy, Grumpy, Grunt, Hoser, Huckleberry, Jabbers, Lunchbox, McGruff, Meatball, Waffles, Woofy and Zeus.

One- and two-syllable names are simpler to say and easier for dogs to understand. Names that sound like commands should be avoided. For instance, "Bo" is similar to "no."