What Are Good Names for an Australian Shepherd?

Rhonda Venezia Photographer/Moment Open/Getty Images

Some of the top Australian Shepherd names are Cooper, Molly, Ace, Stella, Jake, Gracie and Rocky. Australian Shepherds are one of the smartest, congenial, family friendly dog breeds. Names for Australian Shepherds should suit a dog’s personality, temperament and features. Simple one- and two-syllable names are always easier to say, and dogs tend to respond to them better.

Anyone with a new Aussie puppy or dog should wait before naming the dog for at least the first several days to see what the dog is like. The dog might have a certain characteristic or coloring quality that can be used as inspiration for a name. The owner should choose a name that is comfortable to say. While children often like to contribute names for a new pet, sometimes they come up with long, complicated names that need to be shortened.

Names that sound like common commands, such as “sit” and “no,” should be avoided to avoid confusing the dog, especially if it is younger. Changing the name of an older Aussie is not advised as it is much harder for them to pick up a new name. Once the name is chosen, say it a lot to help the dog learn the name.