What Are Some Good Names for an American Eskimo Dog?


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Some popular names for a male American Eskimo dog include Wrigley, Jake, Avery, Koda, Casper and Sky. Some popular names for a female American Eskimo dog include Aspen, Avery, Bella, Daisy, Gypsy and Mia.

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American Eskimo dogs are known for their white, fluffy coats. A name that describes his or her coat, such as Whitey or Fluffy, would be a good name.

At the turn of the 19th century, American Eskimo dogs were used in travelling circuses across the United States to perform tricks. An owner could name an American Eskimo dog a circus-related name such as Barnum, Bailey or Cooper, which were the names of traveling circuses that used American Eskimo dogs in their acts.

American Eskimo dogs are very attentive and territorial of their surroundings, and because of this, they are desirable family pets and tend to be good around children. A family pet could be named Nanny or Baby. American Eskimo dogs are known to bark incessantly and could be named Yip or Yap, which are both synonyms for the word "bark." American Eskimo dogs are also short in stature so a name describing the height and size of the dog such as Tiny or Minnie would be suitable.

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