What Is a Good Name for a Pet Pig?

Famous pig names include Porky, Hamm, Miss Piggy, Piglet, Pumbaa, Spider Pig, Orson and Wilbur. Other names include Pop Pop, Budge, Napoleon, Remington, Monocle and Larry.

A pig is a delightful yet uncommon pet. Pigs' names often play on humans' relationships with pigs. Playing with the irony that humans eat pigs as pork is how Porky Pig from Looney Toons and Hamm from Toy Story got their names. Miss Piggy and Piglet are variations of the word "pig." Other famous fictional pig names have various origins often related to their specific narrative.

A character trait of many pigs is that they look fat. A name like Budge can reflect this in a loving way. Pigs are also a popular symbol for money, as piggy banks are a common way of storing loose change. A pet pig's name can represent this by having a name describing a symbol of wealth or a stereotypically rich person's name, such as Monocle or Remington.