What Is a Good Name for a Pekingese Puppy?

Some common Pekingese names are Bitsy, Tinkerbell, Rufus, Bardot and Dior. There are many good names for a Pekingese puppy, but perhaps the most efficient way to choose a name is to pay attention to the dog's personality and choose a name that fits it well.

Personality-based names such as Happy, Lucky, Bitsy, Goonie and Sugar are all great names for both male and female dogs. Tinkerbell, Ruby, Zoe and Widget also are popular. Silly names like Slobber, Rufus, Pebbles, Gucci, Jimmy Choo and Boogie also can be fun. One can name a dog after a famous person or group, such as Bardot, Garbo, Dior or Foo Fighter.

Pekingese are originally from China and are wildly popular around the world.