What Is a Good Name for My Male Shih Tzu?

good-name-male-shih-tzu Credit: Daniela Duncan/Moment Open/Getty Images

The Shih Tzu breed originated in China, so some people like Asian names such as Bonsai, Chang, Chun, Ming, Ling, Wu, Fu, Chen, Jing or Kong. Others prefer to wait to see what a dog's personality is like before naming it.

According to EntirelyShihTzu.com, popular names for male Shih Tzus based on appearance are Buddy, Loco and Pepper. If he's a tough guy, Buster, Butch, Bear and Rocky are good choices. Adonis, Sir John, Prince, Ace and Duke are suitable for proud Shih Tzu males. Noodles, Gremlin, Balti, Gizmo, Moe and Opie are funny names. People names work too, such as Alvin, Bert, Darwin, Kirby, Logan, Monty and Tommie.