What Are Some Good Name Ideas for a Siamese Cat?


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Siamese cat names can describe the cat based on its coloring, such as Opal or Koko. Other suggestions are Sparkle, Tabasco, Lavender or Jasmine. Names based on the cat's idiosyncrasies are King, for a male cat, or Princess for a female.

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Two cats living in the same house need distinctly different names. Sandy and Dandy sound alike and would be difficult to understand, whereas Sandy and Topper have different vowels and can be understood by each cat. Best-cat-art.com gives an alphabetical listing of numerous cat names from Adorinda to Zeulika.

Names suggested on life-with-siamese-cats.com are based on the cat's colors, such as seal point, chocolate or blue. Cat names have been taken from books, such as Grizabella, from T.S. Eliot's "Ole Possum Book of Practical Cats." Some names, such as Beethoven or Mozart, have been taken from history. Mythological names for some cats are Venus or Apollo.

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