What Is a Good Name for a Betta Fish?

good-name-betta-fish Credit: CCAC North Library/CC-BY-2.0

Bubbles, Dory, Atlantis, Bob, Calypso and Husker are a good name for Betta fish. Funny, cute or creative names make appealing name choices for these aquatic pets.

Flash, Scooter, Mango, Spot, Quinn and Sharkey are cute names for Betta fish. Trouble, Sparkle, Goggle, Squishy, Fancy, Sheen and Rainbow are some uncommon name choices. A funny name can be chosen to draw attention to a unique physical attribute of the fish. Potbelly is a sweet name for a fish that fits this description, whereas Chess is an attractive choice for a black and white fish. Lava, Crimson or Fire are pretty name choices for fish with a dash of red color. Aqua, Ice, Smokey and Emerald are creative name options for fish of blue or black color.