What Are Some Good Methods for Trapping Feral Hogs?


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Some methods for trapping feral hogs include pre-baiting, leaving a trail of bait outside the trap and keeping the trap's door wired open for several days to condition the feral hogs. Trappers recommend spring door traps and root door traps for their sturdiness and ability to hold several hogs simultaneously.

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What Are Some Good Methods for Trapping Feral Hogs?
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Pre-baiting increases the odds of successfully trapping wild pigs, as it encourages the animals to return to an area they had previously visited. It is usually best to pre-bait a week or two in advance before setting the trap. Examples of effective bait include shelled corn, sweet potatoes, overripe fruit, commercial scents and molasses, although this may vary by population. Trappers should establish traps on flat ground with the traps' doors wired open for several days before activation.

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