What Are Some Good Medium-Sized Dogs for an Apartment?

good-medium-sized-dogs-apartment Credit: Image by Erin Vey/Moment/Getty Images

An English bulldog or a Basset hound would be very fitting in an apartment. They are both gentle and lazy, and neither will be afraid or angered by the many neighbors. However, both dogs require a significant time commitment, as English bulldogs have health considerations that should be monitored and Basset hounds can get very upset when they are alone.

Despite their intimidating appearance, English bulldogs are gentle and kind. They require frequent medical checkups and regular home care such as washing and temperature regulation. The apartment should stay a mild temperature, and they should not be walked if it is excessively hot or cold out. English bulldogs have many possible health issues that should be monitored, including breathing problems, skin conditions, poor eyesight and risk of heat stroke. The owner should be able to commit a large portion of their time to ensure their dog's health.

Basset hounds first emerged in France in the 1500s as a short-legged mutation of the St. Hubert hound. Because they had shorter legs, they were closer to the ground and thus were able to track animals under brush in thick forests. Ever since, Basset hounds have been world-famous for their hunting abilities. Basset hounds also have medical issues; because they are so lazy, they are prone to obesity, and their diet should be monitored and controlled.