Who Are Some Good Manufacturers of a Dremel for Dog Nails?


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Only one manufacturer makes dremels, since Dremel is the name of a company that creates rotary tools for grinding down a dog's nails rather than clipping them. Because it is a brand name, other sites that advertise dremels are referring to the same product.

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Dremel offers a method of cutting a dog's nails short that is less likely to result in pain or trauma. The Dremel 7300-PT Pet Grooming Tool is the first result for a search for "dog nail dremels" on the company's site and has several accessories that aid in the process. Dremel also touts the quickness of using its tool as compared to ordinary clippers and the ease of the process for the dog and the human user. The tool operates at two speeds.

Amazon.com also carries the Dremel tool, and the product has almost 1,650 reviews, working out to a 4 1/3 star rating. Likewise, PetSmart advertises the same tool with the same specifications as Dremel's own website, including dual speeds, rechargeable battery and size, and calls it a dremel, although PetSmart does not call it the 7300-PT. PetSmart does offer more detailed instructions for using the tool and tips about how to make sure that a dog is ready for the nail-grinding process to begin, which might some dog owners more likely to order from PetSmart.

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