What Is Good Litter for Declawed Cats?

Declawed cats prefer soft litter, which is less harsh on their sensitive paws and easier for them to walk through. Although declawed cats may initially be trained to use a litter box, they might start using other soft surfaces for waste disposal after being declawed, such as laundry baskets, sheets and beds. The surgery for declawed cats equates to finger amputations for humans and makes traditional cat litter with pellets or large grains uncomfortable.

When searching for replacement litter for declawed kittens, owners have several options. Avoid litter made from gravel or coarse materials, which irritates cats' paws. Litter made from fine grains makes a better substitute. In addition to softer litters, cat owners may replace cat litter with common household materials. Soft substances like shredded newspaper pieces, pine shavings and even little pieces of carpet make good alternatives.

Declawed cats, like other cats, often have preferences for litter boxes. Experiment with different box types, including covered boxes, large boxes and small boxes. Having a box that cats enjoy using reduces the chance of accidents, and helps them break habits such as eliminating waste on other household surfaces. Owners can also place multiple litter boxes in their homes to identify their cat's preference.