What Is a Good List of Cat Breeds?


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Cat Channel provides a large cat breed reference section that organizes all breeds into alphabetical order. Each entry includes a color photograph, as well as a description of grooming, color, optimal home, national breed club, personality and appearance. Users can also find breeds based on coat type.

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Domestic cat breeds vary widely in coat type, face shape, personality and grooming needs. In addition, some breeds have unique features such as the folded ears seen in the Scottish fold and the lack of a tail in the manx. Other notable breeds are the hairless sphynx and the spotted ocicat, which have an appearance akin to the wild ocelot. Due to a small gene pool, some purebred cats may have a higher risk of genetic diseases than mixed-breed cats.

Domestic cats, often referred to as house cats, are the most popular pet in the world according to Scientific American, with approximately one-third of American households having feline companions. Most scholars believe that domestication began in ancient Egypt, where cats were idolized, but some instances may have occurred earlier. Cats are characterized by their fast reflexes, flexible bodies and retractable claws, and they possess acute hearing and the ability to see in dark environments. They are prized for their strong hunting abilities and companionship

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