What Are Some Good Ideas for Horse Names?


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Ideas for horse names include names of gods and goddesses, names of fictional horses and words in other languages. Another idea is to use exotic human names for a horse.

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Some names of different mythological gods that can be used as a horse name are Amon, Cupid, Dwyn and Enki. Examples of goddess names include Aine, Demeter, Hathor and Inanna.

Amon was a major deity in Ancient Egypt. The name translates to "the hidden one" or "invisible." After Thebes rebelled against the Hyksos, Amon was infused with the sun god, Ra, and became Amon-Ra. Cupid is a god of desire and erotic love in classical mythology. Cupid is often depicted as the son of Venus, goddess of love, and Mars, god of war. In stories, Cupid is commonly featured as a minor character who sets bigger plots into motion.

Examples of fictional horse characters include Beauty, Black Diamond, Copenhagen and Domino. Certain English words are common names for horses such as "star" and "blaze." However, when translated into a different language, a more unique sounding name can result. Additionally, human names from cultures such as the Native American and Arabic make good horse names, since these cultures have deep ties with horses.

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