What Is a Good Home Remedy for Treating Dogs With Diarrhea?


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For a good home remedy for dogs with diarrhea, place the dog on a fast supplemented with selected probiotics. Follow the fast with a rice diet, again accompanied by the steady administration of probiotics. In worst cases, you may need to treat the dog with loperamide as well, the pet-safe form of Imodium AD.

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The initial fast is necessary for the dog's GI system to recover and should consist of 24 hours of steady service of creamy rice water. Boil a cup of rice with 4 cups of water for 20 to 30 minutes, reserve and cool the liquid and add high-potency powdered acidophilus cultures to the mix. The dog can drink as much of the rice water as she wants. Avoid using any kind of minute rice or brown varieties, as they either don't work or introduce too much fiber. To enhance desirability, introduce a teaspoon of meat-based baby food of a flavor the dog typically enjoys.

After the fast, serve the dog white rice prepared with extra water, introducing two to 10 billion viable bacteria to the rice each meal. Through both the fast and rice diet, consider adding an intestinal protectant, such as KaoPectate, or a suspension of Imodium and PeptoBismol. Never administer them for more than five consecutive days, and special caution is necessary for cases involving collies. Always use liquid varieties, with 1cc being delivered for every 10 pounds of the dog's weight, thrice daily. In severe cases, 2 mg (standard size capsule) of Imodium is recommended for every 40 pounds of the dog's weight, two to three times daily.

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