What Are Some Good Hedgehog Treats?

Good treats for hedgehogs include meats, eggs, insects, rice, fruits and vegetables. Give treats in moderation to hedgehogs as a supplement to a balanced diet.

Chicken, salmon and turkey are also good treat choices for hedgehogs. Fully cook meat and cut it into small pieces. Cook meats in butter or oil, and leave unseasoned.

Feed insects, such as crickets, to hedgehogs freeze-dried or alive. Feeding them live insects is recommended to promote their natural hunting behavior.

Hedgehogs love a variety of fruits and vegetables. They digest fruit more easily than vegetables, making fruit, such as apples or bananas, a better option for treats. If given vegetables, they enjoy asparagus, cucumbers and zucchini. Steaming or boiling the vegetables makes them softer and easier to digest. Cut or break down treats into small pieces to avoid difficulty eating.