What Are Some Good Hamster Names?


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Good hamster names can reflect the hamster's physical attributes, such as Chubby, Munchkin, Shaggy, Tiny and Fuzzy. They can also reflect popular pop culture characters, such as Wolverine, Hulk, Bilbo, Batman and Mario.

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What Are Some Good Hamster Names?
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Hamster owners should find a name that they really like, as hamsters typically live between two and four years depending on the breed.

If the hamster's sex is tough to identify, there are many strong unisex names to choose from. For example, names focusing on the weather, such as Rain, Storm, Sunny and Blizzard. Astronomical names, such as Apollo, Nova, Star and Venus are also popular choices.

Pet owners can also name their hamsters after famous hamsters in movies, such as Rhino, the hamster from the 2008 movie "Bolt," or Hammy from the series "Hammy the Hamster."

Other cute names are derived from food, such as Popcorn, Oreo, Toffee, Licorice and Kiwi. A lot of names might come from a hamster's coloration, which is can vary, but is typically a mix of black, grey, white, brown and honey.

If two hamsters are purchased, group names can include Fred and Barney, Nut and Bolt, Spock and Kirk, and Mac and Cheese. Most hamsters act best as solitary pets, and fights may emerge between multiple hamsters. Many breeds of dwarf hamsters tolerate each other, and Russian hamsters are well known to form close bonds with one another.

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