What Are Some Good Halloween Cat Names?

good-halloween-cat-names Credit: crisserbug/E+/Getty Images

Artemis, Bela, Brunhilde and Circe are good Halloween cat names. Halloween cat names work particularly well with black cats, but they are unique and fun regardless of the cat's color. Halloween cat names can be inspired by many things, including people, colors, personality traits, and supernatural creatures.

Artemis is a Halloween inspired name that comes from the Greek goddess Artemis. Daughter of Zeus and Leto, Artemis was the goddess of the moon, as well as forests and hills, the hunt and archery. Full moons are often connected to Halloween.

Bela (pronounced "BAY-la") is a Halloween cat name name inspired by Bela Lugosi. Bela Lugosi was the actor who portrayed Count Dracula in the famous Universal Pictures Film "Dracula." This movie is considered a classic horror flick about vampires, and it is commonly watched in the weeks around Halloween.

Brunhilde is another good Halloween cat name, as it translates to "dark." Halloween, a holiday known for its spooky nature, is one of the darkest holidays of the year.

The name Circe is associated with enchanting and seductive women, such as witches. The name originated in Greece. Circe, a sorceress, appears in Homer's "Odyssey" when she enchants Odysseus' crew and turns them into hogs. It can also be spelled as "Kirke."