What Are Some Good Haircuts for Poodles?


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Some popular poodle haircuts include the puppy clip and AKC cuts, including the continental clip and English saddle cut. The bikini clip and town and country clip are other haircuts for poodles.

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A poodle’s fur offers many possibilities for attractive haircuts, since it grows rapidly. A common cut for puppies under 1 year old is the puppy clip. This easy-care cut features a shave or close cut on the base of the tail, feet, throat and face, with a pompom shape on the tail’s end and a fluffy topknot. A scissor cut applied to the remainder of the body and shaped to the dog’s form is standard with the puppy clip.

AKC cuts are poodle haircuts for show dogs and based on the standards set by the American Kennel Club. AKC cuts include the continental clip, which involves shaving the base of the tail, throat, feet and face with optional pompoms on the dog’s hips, puffs on its forelegs and shaven bracelets on its hind legs. Another AKC cut is the English saddle cut, which includes puffs on the dog’s forelegs, a pompom on the tip of the dog’s tail and shaven forelegs, feet, throat and face.

A bikini clip, sometimes called a Miami clip, requires shaving the dog around its feet, tail and face, with the hair grown out on the other areas of the body and a pom left at the base of the tails and paws. A town and country clip features a shaved neck, belly, feet and face with hair trimmed to the owner’s desired length on other parts of the dog’s body.

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