What Is Good Food for an English Bulldog?


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Although most dogs rely on protein to fuel their diets, English bulldogs require a lower protein diet to protect their kidney health. A low-protein diet also discourages growth spurts and growing pains in bulldog puppies.

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What Is Good Food for an English Bulldog?
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Identifying the right protein is essential. According to PetMD, eggs and egg whites are considered the ideal protein for bulldogs, as they are completely digestible. Muscle meats are the next best protein for bulldogs, followed by organ meats and dairy products. It is important to read the labels on dog food carefully to determine if the first ingredient provides health benefits. Ingredients are listed by weight, so the first ingredient is the most plentiful one. Be sure to look for dog food brands whose first ingredient is meat-based. It is also important to avoid overfeeding English bulldogs. Obesity in bulldogs can lead to hip, respiratory and cardiac problems.

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