What Are Some Good Fish Names?


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Some good fish names include Nemo, Little Mermaid, Sebastian, Ariel and Flounder. Others are Bubbler, Bubbly, Lilly, Flower and Fern. There are also Sassy, Tranquility, Buffy, Willow and Angel, among other attractive names.

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What Are Some Good Fish Names?
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The most common fish name is Nemo. It has been in use since the success of the animated movie "Finding Nemo" and its popularity among children. "Little Mermaid" is also a source of fish names like Sebastian, Ariel and Flounder, but people tend to pick names based on the habitat. Bubbles in the water give rise to Bubbler or Bubbly, while the vegetation in water can bring about names like Lilly, Flower or Fern.

Fish acquires names on the basis of characteristics as well. Consider names like Sassy, Tranquility or Sissy, with more aggressive names like Buffy or Lioness. The natural demeanor of fish as docile or adorable contributes to names like Rosy, Snow White, Willow and Angel.

Fish also acquire names from gems, such as Crystal, Jewel, Ruby and Pearl. Exotic places with plenty of water also contribute their fair share of names like Madrid, Sydney, Florence and Athena.

Fish can get their names with a gender sensitization and as such creates a closer bond with the pet owner.

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