What Are Some Good English Bulldog Puppy Names?


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While naming a pet is an inherently subjective exercise, names recommended by the website English Bulldog Names include Winston (in honor of the renowned British prime minister Winston Churchill) and Bentley (British luxury car company). Feminine names thast the site suggests include Emma (the name of the titular protagonist in one of Jane Austen's most famous novels) and Margaret (after Britain's first female prime minister, Margaret Thatcher).

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What Are Some Good English Bulldog Puppy Names?
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The list of names to choose from extends as far as one's imagination. The decision may depend on factors such as the sex, physical appearance or disposition of the canine, the circumstances by which it was acquired, the personal appeal of a particular name or the dog's expected role. For instance, "Buster" might be an apt appellation for a guard dog, whose main purpose in life is to ward off trespassers. On the other hand, an owner might consider "Clive" or "Aubrey" more suitable for a household pet, especially if he plans to pamper the bulldog and/or outfit it with clothes or accessories.

The website English Bulldog Names features names derived from everyday items, such as foods (Meatball, Biscuit, Nacho) and alcoholic beverages (Stoli, Jager and Guinness). There are also celebrity names (Cheech, Shaq and Angelina) and stereotypical Mafia enforcer names (Guido, Carlo and Bruno).

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