What Are Good Ear Mite Treatments for Cats?


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Some good ear-mite treatments for cats include those prescribed by a veterinarian, such as Nolvamite, Mitaclear, Tresaderm, Ivermectin, Selamectin and lime-sulfur dips. Some other good ear-mite treatments include home remedies that are not prescribed by a veterinarian.

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The instructions that detail the dosage and frequency of use for medications must be followed carefully, and the entire course of treatment must be completed for any ear-mite treatment that is prescribed by a veterinarian. If the medication is not used as prescribed, the cat may become infected again. The medications that are prescribed are typically given as an injection underneath the skin, which is performed by the veterinarian, or as topical drops that are placed inside the ears for a specific period of time.

When using a home remedy, the cat's ears must be thoroughly cleaned to remove as many of the ear mites from the ear canal as possible. This allows the medication to reach deeper inside the ear so that it is more effective. Owners can clean the ears with an over-the-counter ear-cleaning solution, olive oil or almond oil by placing the cleaner inside of the ear and massaging the ear gently. They should then wipe away any excess oil or solution with a cotton ball. After cleaning the ear, a follow up with an ear miticide that contains the insecticide pyrethrins helps eliminate and prevent future mites.

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