What Is a Good Ear Mite Treatment for Cats?


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Ivermectin is a good ear-mite treatment for cats that is often prescribed by veterinarians. The treatment is administered as a single subcutaneous injection or as topical drops placed inside the ear. Nolvamite, Mitaclear and Tresaderm are also good ear-mite treatments that veterinarians prescribe for cats, although each medication has a specific dosage and frequency of use. Ear mites are also treated with Selamectin or lime-sulfur dips.

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The instructions that detail the dosage and frequency of use for medications must be followed carefully, and the entire course of treatment must be completed for any ear-mite treatment that is prescribed by a veterinarian. If the medication is not used as prescribed, the cat may become infected again. The medications that are prescribed are typically given as an injection underneath the skin, which is performed by the veterinarian, or as topical drops that are placed inside the ears for a specific period of time.

There are also home remedies that are used to treat ear mites in cats. First, clean the inside of the cat's ear canal using an ear-cleaning solution, almond oil or olive oil. Place an ear miticide that contains the insecticide pyrethrins inside the ear, and massage the drops in well. Wipe away any excess medication and repeat the treatment every day until the ear mites are gone.

Ear mites often escape from the ear canal during treatment and crawl into the cat's fur. Prevent reinfestation by treating the cat's fur with a product that kills fleas regularly. Pay special attention to the cat's tail since most cats sleep with it curled up next to their ear. A cat's tail provides a perfect escape route for ear mites. Ear mites that are left untreated often lead to skin disease or ear infections.

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