What Are Some Good Dogs for Kids?

What Are Some Good Dogs for Kids?

Some good dogs for children are bulldogs, beagles, bull terriers, golden retrievers and boxers, as noted by the American Kennel Club. Some other breeds, which may be suitable for a family are Newfoundlands, Irish setters, collies and Vizslas, as stated by PetMD. When there are children in a household, parents should consider choosing one that not only has a good temperament, but also fits in with the family's everyday life.

When choosing a dog, some other factors to consider are the animal's energy level and if it family friendly.

For example, a bulldog can be a very serene and family-friendly dog, but is not the most energetic animal. A breed, such as a bull terrier or Vizsla, may be a good fit for a large family with energetic and playful kids because these dog breeds like to play and run around.

A dog's size and how well it gets along with other pets are other important factors in choosing a dog for children and a household, A bigger dog breed, such as a Newfoundland or Irish setter, may require much more space. However, these breeds are good with children, as stated by PetMD. If there are other pets in a household, then a bulldog is a breed that does well around other family pets, including other dogs.

Although these dog breeds may make good pets, another issue to consider is a dog's maintenance, especially if a family has a very active lifestyle. Breeds like collies and beagles can require high maintenance of their coats, as noted by dog expert Cesar Milian.