What Are Some Good Dogs to Give Away?


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The golden retriever, bull terrier, collie and the Newfoundland are all good dogs to give away. Each breed possesses unique traits that make it well-suited to families or singles in both urban and rural settings.

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The golden retriever loves to swim and is patient, exuberant and amicable toward children. Originally bred to be a gun dog, its inborn desire to assist humans extends to everything it does. With a life expectancy of roughly 10 to 12 years, a golden retriever can live to witness important milestones in its owner's life.

The bull terrier keeps its cool in large crowds and relates to children very well. It is small but tough and doesn't mind a little rough play. Its high energy levels and love of activity make it a good match for families with children or singles who are outdoor fitness enthusiasts.

Thanks to Lassie, the collie is iconic and symbolic of family, obedience, friendship and loyalty. The collie has an uncanny tendency to herd children and watch over them. An intelligent breed, it has an innate desire to please humans and can learn special tricks, such as barking to alert owners about a fire.

Serving as the inspiration for the Nana character in Walt Disney's "Peter Pan," the Newfoundland is nurturing, gentle and extremely protective of children. The Newfoundland is a working dog, which makes it highly trainable.

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