What Are Some Good Dogs to Get for a Family?

What Are Some Good Dogs to Get for a Family?

What Are Some Good Dogs to Get for a Family?

Good dog breeds for a family include bulldogs, beagles, Irish setters, Labrador retrievers and bull terriers. For families with small children, mid-size and large-size dog breeds tend to be the best choice.

Bulldogs are durable and have a calm disposition, so they can play with children without getting injured or becoming aggressive. They also aren't very energetic, so they don't need much space to be satisfied.

Beagles are loving and have lots of energy, so they can play with children for long periods of time. They have funny habits, such as howling. While this breed requires regular maintenance, such as brushing and bathing, beagles are sturdy.

Irish setters are outgoing, sweet and enjoy playing. They are also easy to train. Due to this breed's energy level, it needs plenty of space. These dogs don't have a long lifespan.

Labrador retrievers are intelligent and love pleasing humans. They play well with children but are also protective. These dogs enjoy learning tricks.

Bull terriers are energetic with a calm temperament. These dogs need a lot of play time. They are durable and protective towards children.

Mixed-breed dogs can also be a good choice for families. The family should choose a dog that matches its energy level. To ensure the dog is friendly to every family member, it must consider every family member as a higher-ranking pack leader.