What Are Some Good Doggie Bathtubs?


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Good dog bath tubs include the large booster bath, made by Booster Bath, and the Pet Gear pup-tub. The large booster bath works well for large dogs, while the pub-tub is meant for pets up to 20 pounds. The booster bath is also available in an extra large size.

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The large booster bath is portable and light, allowing 360-degree access to the dog being bathed. This makes bathing and drying easier. Additionally, there is a drain hose that allows for direction of drainage.

The pup-tub has a rubberized bottom to prevent slipping on floors, even when wet. Additionally, this tub has two tethers to secure the pet during the bathing process. To decrease stress experienced by the pet, the tub has translucent plastic, allowing small dogs to see through. Additionally, the tub has two storage trays and a quick drain.

For a more industrial dog bath, an option is the Flying Pig Grooming stainless steel dog pet grooming bath tub with the faucet sprayer, shampoo rack, hair trap and tub flooring. The tub is built with rust-resistant stainless steel. The height of the tub is adjustable, and the base has a green rubber floor mat. It has a backsplash and sidesplash that can be removed if desired.

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