What Are Some Good Dog Names by Breed?

What Are Some Good Dog Names by Breed?

Bijou, Orion and Skip are good dog names for border terriers, while Einstein and Harvard are appropriate for Boston terriers. Dog names are often based on characteristics or stereotypes of the breed.

Afghan hounds are one of the oldest dog breeds, and often the names have a historical slant. For instance, Alexander, Constantine, Leopold and Nicholas are names relating to historical figures that are good for male Afghan hounds. Since these dogs appear noble, aristocratic names such as Prince, Sheik, Contessa, Empress and Marquessa also work.

Siberian huskies also have a rich heritage. Some get regal names such as Odessa, Ivan or Trotsky. However, others end up with funny Russian names such as Smirnoff, Kremlin or Piroshki.

Dachshunds are long dogs, so names such as Stretch and Miles work well, as does Penne since they resemble that pasta. Chihuahuas are small dogs, so names often focus on size. Gidget, Pip, Tiny, Stumpy and Chico all poke fun at their small stature. To create irony, some dog owners name their chihuahuas big or tough names such as Attila, Hercules or Spike.

On the other end of the spectrum, Great Danes are very large, so names such as Apollo, Hulk, Jaws, Jumbo and Sasquatch are appropriate. Mastiffs are also large dogs, so they have names such as Bear, Goliath and Yeti. However, mastiffs are also known for being sweet, so they earn names such as Apricot, Candy, Minnie and Precious.